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Hey, this is where I make short flash vids and post them. The site's called Newgrounds if you haven't heard of it. Here's some FAQ. (actually no one's ever asked me any of these but I'll answer them now to avoid being asked later)

Q: Why are all your characters always bald?
A: Because I'm bald. (well it's actually short hair but close enough)

Q: Why are your videos so damn short?
A: Because I'm short, lol. Not really, sorry actual short people, no offense to you.

Q: No seriously answer the damn question.
A: Ok calm down, the real reason my flash vids are so short is because I have a really short attention span so if a movie would take me more than an afternoon to make, I probably would lose interest and stop halfway. Plus, do Newgrounders really want a 7 minute video? I mean I'm sure some of them have lives...

Q: Why are you so awesome?
A: Thanks.

Q: When will you be making another video?
A: I dunno whenever I feel like it slash think of something worth animating.

Q: Any message for the jerks out there that give bad reviews and ratings if a video doesn't include penises or mario references?
A: No, I'm good.

Q: Ok that's it. thanks for the interview.
A: k.

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